creative blue balls

Looking back at the summer of 2010, it seems as if it was a fond childhood memory.  Having never been to overnight camp as a kid I can only imagine it was a similar feeling; like we were in the solitude of our cabin and found a new sense of freedom, a break from the outside world.  However, we weren’t in a cabin, but rather Abby’s dining room.  Instead of nature we were surrounded by pin cushions, sketch pads, and mounds of cheap fabric waiting to be hemmed, cut, and manipulated. 

The summer quickly ended and life took over.  School enrollment, rent was due, relationships evolved or didn’t, but that summer left something lingering inside of us.  Something felt unfinished.  A seed had been planted, but what was next?  We loved working together, but how?

Well, we’re here.  This blog is something that emerged out of the midst of built up creative energy from that very special summer.  At this point in our lives our creative balls have turned blue, and organically the idea for a.payne came forth. 

Will people care about what we have to say?

“In the end the question can only be answered by action. Do it or don’t do it.” (The War of Art, Pressfield pg 165)

As Abby would say, “And we’re off!!!”

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