no, this isn't a box of dildos...

My entire life I have been one to avoid any sort of confrontation or awkward scenario if at all possible.  I even let one of the school secretaries call me "Abby" all four years of my high school career.  I just convinced myself, "I have a cousin named Abby.  Abby sounds like Allie.  It's not hurting anyone."

So it comes to no surprise that when the delivery man comes to my door with a package from the online shop Nasty Gal in hand I duck and pretend not to be home.  You see, there was a particular moment I heard the door knock, I was quick to answer, and the delivery man handed me a box addressed to me.  So far so good.  However, our eyes caught for just a moment, his head dropped, and he handed me the package with the logo "Nasty Gal" printed boldly on each side.  I couldn't help but think this man thought I was indeed a "nasty gal."  I wanted to shout, "No sir, this isn't a box of dildos, but rather an androgynous pair of wine colored slacks!"  

Not letting my mind run wild in regards to what people think, is something I continue to work on a regular basis.  Good friends, family, and a bit of yoga helps keep everything in perspective.  A simple rule of thumb, "Don't care about what other people think."  But on some level we ALL do.  However,  in some situations (and as far as the deliver man is concerned) there is nothing to be said and it's simply best to just let things be :)