c-walk your heart out

“You are materialistic.”

“WHO? ME?”

“Those dusty pink patent leather, wooden heel, lace up booties will not solve your problems.”

They won’t solve my problems and considering the smooth, no grip whatsoever soles they might actually CREATE problems. Either way they are mine, they were the minute they showed their pale shiny face on Anthropologie. Naturally I stalked them for a few months and FINALLY $238 went to $149 which went to $79. Very rarely, if ever does stalking pay off, but in this case it did (proud stalker moment).

When they arrived I immediately ripped open the box and put them on my feet. And like I’ve done so many times before I convinced myself that they wouldn’t torture my bunions and dig into my heels. Similar to so many good things in life you have to put off immediate gratification for long-term growth. After a few hours of c-walking  and several Ibuprofen later it’s like they were made for me.

Next order of business is what to wear them with and the possibilities are endless.