older than miss america

We all reach certain epiphany-esque moments throughout our lives.  One of mine, although admittedly trivial, was while flipping through the channels, and coming across the crowning of Miss America 2013. The lovely, Mallory Hagan, was awarded the title, and all I remember hearing was the announcer saying, “…at twenty-three years of age.” A dumbfounded look came across my face, “I’m older than Miss America!” How could this happen?! The Miss America pageant was something my cousins and I would watch while eating pizza, admiring the “fancy” gowns and beautiful OLDER women. I had a small feeling of panic. Was I worried I was no longer eligible for the crown?! Hardly. Well, maybe. However more so, I, for the very first time, felt old.

So what does aging bring?  Things are now expected of me in the fashion world, correct? No more shopping at the stores I love. Big underwear and a bra drawer full of the colors nude, beige and taupe are inevitably in my near future. 

Fortunately this mindset was briefly lived.  I know better.  We all should know better notably when pertaining to clothes.  So often, we hear criticism on the appearances of others, “She’s too old to be wearing that.”  “Have you ever seen someone where so much make-up?”  “That’s a bit tight.”  But it doesn’t matter!  My advice (as a mature twenty-five year old) is not to take yourself too seriously ESPECIALLY when referring to fashion.  Who cares?  Like Audrey Hepburn says, “I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”  She’s right!  So ladies and gents, (Cue the cheesy inspiring theme music!) as we age continue to wear what YOU like, what makes YOU happy, and don’t stress about fitting into a particular “culturally appropriate” image.  Long live over-alls, windbreakers and dickies!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.49.42 PM.png

Dolce Vita: Leopard Loafers,  MeccaFox: Bill Murray Studs,  Free People: Overalls