millions of wangs, but this one is special.

When writing about Alexander Wang I choose to refer to him as A. Wang. It leaves room for dick jokes.

MB fashion week came and went, and it left behind a great deal of inspiration and a sense of nostalgia. I'm on a never ending quest to find a collection that will ‘change’ things; shift my opinion on a particular silhouette, color or trend. A collection that will jolt me out of my current clothing comfort zone. Sometimes this can be a daunting task, and quite frankly, stir up a great deal of insecurities. We are all creatures of habit and from time to time you simply don’t want to examine the "new" you’d rather the comforts of the "old." Considering I'm only discussing fashion and nothing of paramount importance (although my life was transformed by a studded cargo vest). I allowed myself to drift back to the day I fell in love with Alexander Wang.

His Spring/Summer 2010 show was the initial spark. I'm not sure whether it was the athletic flare, cape like trenches, monogrammed “A” varsity jacket and backpack, or those damn leather shorts.


Do yourself a favor and start a love affair you won’t regret.

Fast forward to his Spring/Summer 2014 show and my fondness continues to grow. The first words of the show are, “SHUT THE FUCK UP.” Every pleated mini and unbuttoned men’s inspired dress shirt screams those exact words.


Keep the spark lit.

A. Wang is a cool kid. His collections say, I tried, but not to hard. I can imagine him sitting down to sketch; spilling out look after look, and never stopping to think what the observer will think of his creations. And that my friends is the very definition of what a cool kid is. Stop trying. Just be.