greener grass

Attached to what has been and addicted to what will be. The past seems like a fluffy cloud memory that consisted of solely blissful days. Now may not be as comfortable as you had hoped for. You strived for A, B, C and thought that’s all you needed for a constant state of pure MDMA.

Take a closer look at the fluffy cloud memories of yesterday. Why were you happy? Was your life perfect back yonder year or did you simply reside in the moments of the past and treat them like home instead of a foreign airport which is simply a means to a connecting flight?

And why does the future seem so appealing?

The perfectly planned and constructed possibility of the future serves as a beacon of light directing you toward your "dream life", full of vertical striped jumpers and days of lying in your father’s perfectly manicured lawn with your best friend.  ** Note: although our green grass-jumpsuit photos portray a life of leisure and magic, we clean our own bathrooms and have failed at attempts of witchcraft.

We have problems (you see we are all stuck in the midi). The only real problem though is comparing our life as it  actually is to the pictures in our head of what it ought to be; therefore, somehow always falling short.

The bitch is we don’t know what it “ought” to be, we only know what is which by default is what it ought to be.  By experimentation I came to the conclusion accepting what is, is a harder pill the swallow than Xanax. Also by experimentation, Xanax doesn’t make the latter easier to swallow.

All we have is now. Embrace your reality. Appreciate the present. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Al: Black jumper (denim available here), black kitten heels (we also love these), floppy hat (this one is also great).

Ab: Vertical Striped Jumper (available here), burgundy pumps (these are better), Versace sunglasses $60! (check out T.J. Maxx)