emotional cutter

I’m not sure I’ve ever chopped my locks in a complete state of sanity. Although I’ve never gone straight “Britney” style, the urge to remove my mane has always come in times of change and discomfort. Losing the 12 inches of extra weight can feel like a long deep exhale, and my new hair almost serves as a magic wig; a wig that gives me an element of sass and spunk that my long locks just didn’t produce. Friends nor family members would blatantly bash my current “do,” but are quick to call out the hair phase they admired the most … "Don’t get me wrong I like your hair short, but your hair is so pretty when it’s long.” My days are spent wishing miracle grow scalp treatment existed and popping prenatal vitamins to grow hair and not a baby.  The worst is transitioning from sassy short cut to the dreaded dull middle-length. To tuck behind the ears or not is about as exciting as it gets, and the days of the lazy pony are rampant.

I still can’t decide if I cut my hair in an asymmetrical bob and bleached it to tumble weed status, because I thought I needed a new look or a new life. Many of us can relate to the immediate gratification of a new haircut, a new pair of shoes, or a new shade of lipstick. It makes us feel better for that moment. Key words: that moment.

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area I suggest you dump your hair stylist and make a visit to:

Marissa Mazza. Junction Salon. 919-449-7144.